Dog Kennel Cough Infectious Agents

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Infectious Agents That Cause Dog Kennel Cough

The most common cause of Infectious Tracheobronchitis, Kennel Cough, comes from a combination of a variety of agents—both viruses and bacteria.  Parainfluenza virus (shown to the left) —Bordetella bronchiseptica is the most common of these agents which brings about Kennel Cough.  Mycoplasma (a form of which is mycoplasma pneumonia—a bacterial cause of pneumonia) is also thought to be a common agent.  Other agents which are also thought to be possible contributors include: Canine adenovirus type 2, reovirus and canine herpes virus.  Generally more than one organism is thought to be the cause of the disease, but only one agent need be the culprit.

Bordetella bronchiseptica is considered the most common of the bacterial agents.  Signs of the infection appear within two days to two weeks from the dog’s exposure to the bacteria.  Assuming there are no other agents involved to complicate the illness, the symptoms will last from ten days to two weeks.  In these mild cases little extraneous treatment is required.  The dog’s own immune system usually will deal with the bacterial invasion and illness.

While the symptoms may disappear within two weeks, the dog remains an active carrier, a potential spreader, of the illness to other dogs for up to fourteen weeks.  Dogs which have had this illness should be isolated from other dogs for this period of time to not be “sharers” of the problem with other dogs . . . this includes other dogs in the same household.  You may assume if one of your dogs has the disease your other dogs have it too, or will have it.

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