Dog Kennel Cough Symptoms

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Symptoms and Diagnosis
Kennel Cough

Identifying and diagnosing when your dog has contracted kennel cough is fairly easy . . . you will know by the frequency and sound of their cough.  Kennel Cough will give rise to your pet coughing more frequent than usual.  The cough generally is very recognizable because the cough sounds like a dry harsh hacking cough—very distinguishable.  You might suspect your dog is trying to expel something from its throat, or is retching (a strong involuntary effort to vomit).

If your dog has been in close proximity of other dogs in areas such as a boarding kennel, pet store, dog show, grooming salon, etc., and the dry hacking cough appears shortly afterward, chances are very good your pet has contracted Kennel Cough.

A watery nasal discharge may also be present with the coughing.  In addition, other symptoms may also be present depending on the severity of the infection.  The dog may be lethargic, have a fever, or lack an appetite.  Blood work may be required to determine the severity of illness because in the most severe cases the infection could develop into the more serious problem of pneumonia.

Sometimes a reverse sneeze is confused for the hacking cough associated with the symptoms of Kennel Cough.  The reverse sneeze, however, is caused by a post-nasal drip which tends to create a tickle in the throat of the animal, and generally is not as pronounced or frequent.  The reverse sneeze is often called “backward sneezing.”  The technical term that identifies this action is inspiratory paroxysmal respiration. This action is noted where a sudden involuntary audible, and sometimes, violent expulsion of air is made through both the nose and mouth.  This action should not be confused with Kennel Cough.

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