Dog Kennel Cough

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Kennel Cough

The term Kennel Cough gives the impression only dogs kept in kennels catch this disease.  While the chances increase significantly for a dog to catch this illness in a boarding kennel because of their close proximity to other dogs, dogs which may have the disease and be spreaders of the illness, dogs can be infected most anywhere they come into contact with the infecting agents.

Kennel Cough is a highly contagious infection contracted by dogs that are placed in close quarter areas, i.e. pet stores, boarding kennels,  dog shows, parks, dog runs, veterinary offices, etc.  Infectious Tracheobronchitis, as it is properly known, is an upper respiratory disease.  This disease is found throughout the world.  A dog has a good chance of catching Kennel Cough sometime in its life, especially if they are around other dogs.  This bronchial or upper respiratory tract infection is located in the trachea or throat (windpipe), is aptly called Kennel Cough because it causes the dog to cough frequently, especially when the throat is irritated.  This cough is created by the irritation in the animal’s respiratory system . . . much like the “tickle” humans get that causes us to also cough.  The cough often sounds as if the dog is trying to expiate or “cough-up” something that might be lodged in the throat.   The dry hacking cough is a sign most commonly attributed to the disease. Good hygiene, isolation from other dogs, and annual vaccinations can help reduce the chances of your dog getting Kennel Cough.

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