Treating Dog Kennel Cough

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Treatment and When to See Your Veterinarian
Kennel Cough

In most cases of Kennel Cough little or no treatment is warranted—especially when the illness appears to be mild.  The dog’s own immune system is generally able to deal adequately with mild cases of the disease.  Care and attention, however, should be initiated when ever your dog gets sick.  Any sickness, no matter how mild it may appear, can develop into more severe cases.  A stressed or weakened dog could easily become more susceptible to other aliments which could be more serious and life threatening, such as pneumonia.

Should you take your dog to the vet when you determine Kennel Cough is the suspected ailment?  Because the disease is considered self limiting, a wait and see approach might work best.  Watch to ensure the illness doesn’t get worse with each day.

When you determine professional care and attention are warranted, then do so.  This becomes more a personal judgment.  A call to the vet first to share information about your pet’s symptoms may save you a costly trip.  The questions they ask, and you answer, will make the treatment decision easier.

A visit to the veterinarian will most likely culminate in a treatment using antibiotics.  The only caution here is that overuse of antibiotics could lead to a resistance build-up problem later on . . . creating a challenge when treating them for a more serious ailment like pneumonia.  This is a point

Easing the cough and discomfort your dog may be suffering from this illness by using a cough suppressant could give them some temporary relief and comfort.  Even with a cough suppressant, caution should be applied.  You want your dog to clear mucous and excess fluids from the air way.   Advice and recommendation from your vet would be advisable here to better make that determination.

Using a harness or head collar rather than a neck collar can help ease the pressure on your dog’s throat and trachea.  Taking this simple step will help lessen the irritant which stimulates the cough and its severity.

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